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The world-renowned French luxury brand has revealed their new showroom in the French capital at the beginning of this month. Featuring the brand’s new corporate design, it opened in Neuilly-sur-Seine after Bugatti partnered up with Groupe Schumacher, which has been specialising in super and hyper sports cars since 1947.  

CEO of Groupe Schumacher and co-founder of LS Group, Edouard Schumacher, says, “It’s a real honour for us to have been chosen by Bugatti to represent this iconic brand. We are particularly happy to be the first dealership in the world that proposes the new Bugatti visual identity.”

Source: Bugatti

The home of some of Bugatti’s best clients and a place that founder Ettore was always drawn to, this showroom marks Bugatti’s return to Paris, having opened its first ever showroom in Avenue Montaigne almost 100 years ago. Relying on manual craftsmanship over industrial production in true Bugatti form, the showroom extends its lounge area into an idyllic garden. “We envisioned a place where, in absolute discretion and confidentiality, we would be able to welcome our clients and give them a tailored service. A place in Paris where time stops,” says Schumacher.

Following the opening of this showroom at 181 Avenue Achille Peretti, Neuilly-sur-Seine, there are now 36 dealers across 17 countries worldwide.
If you find yourself lucky enough to cross paths with the ground floor showroom, you’ll be able to spot the new Chiron Sport in blue carbon.

Source: Bugatti

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