1951 Porsche 356


  • Burgundy
  • 4 Speed Manual
  • Coupe
  • 476 KM
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A genuine piece of Australian automotive history. Presented here is the first Porsche to ever be sold in Australia, making history as one of Porsche’s first export markets outside of continental Europe, as well as the very first right hand drive market.

Revealed at an exclusive cocktail party on the first of November 1951 by Melbourne entrepreneur Norman A. Hamilton, this 356 “pre-A” model was delivered to a single, original owner prior to entering the Classico Motori collection. It was used in the 1953 REDeX Reliability Trial, a 10,400km rally around Australia, and at the time the second longest running road trial in the world.

In 2005, the car was put through a complete nut-and-bolt restoration, removing all of the modifications used in the REDeX Trial and restoring the car to its original 1951 specification. Now presenting in near-delivery condition, it features matching chassis & engine numbers, as well as the original factory colour.

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