1970 Lamborghini Miura P400S


  • Orange
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • Coupe
  • 57 KM
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An Italian icon. As the pioneer for the term supercar, the Lamborghini Miura redefined the capabilities of a motor vehicle, pushing the benchmark for automotive excellence further and faster than before.

Designed by Ferruccio Lamborghini alongside a team of young engineers in the mid-60s, the Miura was created to make a statement to Enzo Ferrari and the other competing sports car manufacturers of the day.

Utilising a revolutionary design, by placing the laterally-mounted V12 in the centre of the car, Ferruccio and his team redefined poise and balance on the road without compromising on style, and as such the Miura is still hailed as one of the most beautiful cars of all time.  The 4.0L V12 is paired to a 5-speed manual, providing the kind of raw and visceral drive that this Italian marque is known for.

Leaving the Bologna factory on June 28, 1968, this Lamborghini Miura P400S was sold new in Paris, France, where it remained for most of its life. This model has been through a meticulous nut-and-bolt restoration, including a bare metal respray, period correct re-upholstery, a full engine and driveline rebuild, and a complete rewiring of all electronics. It features 57 miles on the odometer since restoration. Accompanying the car is a file including previous ownership history, a detailed log of the restoration process, and registration information dating back to 1973.

A car with impeccable heritage. An icon of motoring excellence. A centrepiece for any enthusiast’s collection.

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